Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics Bulletin (major guidelines)

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Arguably the greatest advances in the biomedical sciences in recent years have come from the areas of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics (CMG). These related disciplines have provided a deeper understanding of the molecular basis for the functioning of all living organisms. The specialization in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics has been designed for students who wish to focus specifically on these aspects of biology.

Compared to the standard biology major, CMG students gain specialized knowledge and experience in one or more of the CMG disciplines and are thus well prepared for graduate or professional study in the biomedical sciences.

For a more detailed listing of courses and requirements for this specialization, see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental principles spanning the breadth of biology, and in-depth knowledge of one or more of the subdisciplines of cell biology, molecular biology, or genetics.
    • Demonstrate expertise in the scientific method, including experimental design, critical assessment of the scientific literature, and an understanding of the principles and best practices for the ethical conduct of research.
    • Attain the technical and/or analytical skills required for employment or post-graduate education in biology or biology-related careers, including professional careers and science education.