• Title Research Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and Biology; Director, Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience; Associate Director, Kilachand Honors College
  • Education PhD, Boston University, 2000
  • Web Address http://www.bu.edu/neuro/undergraduate/
  • Phone 617-358-5150
  • Area of Interest Cognitive Neurobiology, Learning & Memory, Undergraduate Science Education

Current Research

In recent years my efforts have shifted from studying the cognitive neurobiology of memory to science education. This shift in priority coincided with my role developing and overseeing the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. I also teach for the CAS Core Curriculum and Kilachand Honors College.

Selected Publications

  • Thompson M, Pastorino L, Lee S, Lipton PA (2016) Re-envisioning the introductory science course as an apprenticeship. Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol. 46 (1): 84-91.
  • Prerau M, Lipton PA, Eichenbaum H, Eden U (2014) Characterizing context-dependent differential firing activity in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex. Hippocampus 24 (4): 476-492.
  • Eichenbaum H, Sauvage M, Fortin N, Komorowski R, Lipton PA (2012) Towards a functional organization of episodic memory in the medial temporal lobe. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 36 (7): 1597-1608.
  • Eichenbaum H, Lipton PA (2008) Toward a functional organization of the medial temporal lobe memory system: Role of the parahippocampal and medial entorhinal cortical areas. Hippocampus 18 (12): 1314-1324.
  • Lipton PA, Eichenbaum H (2008) Complementary roles of hippocampus and medial entorhinal cortex in episodic memory. Neural Plasticity epub: 258467.
  • Lipton PA, White JA, Eichenbaum H (2007) Disambiguation of overlapping experiences by neurons in medial entorhinal cortex. Journal of Neuroscience Vol. 27 (21): 5787-5795.
  • Petrill SA, Lipton PA, Hewitt JK, Plomin R, Cherny SS, Corley R, Defries JC (2004) Genetic and environmental contributions to general cognitive ability throughout the first 16 years of life. Developmental Psychology 40 (5): 805-812.
  • Lipton PA, Alvarez P, Eichenbaum H (1999) Crossmodal Associative Memory Representations in Rodent Orbitofrontal Cortex. Neuron Vol. 22, 349-359.
  • Courses Taught:

    • CAS NE 101 Introduction to Neuroscience
    • CAS CC 212 Reality
    • KHC NE 101 Neurobiology of Memory
    • CAS PS 338 Neuropsychology
    • CAS NE 100 Neuroethics
    • CAS PS 205 Memory & Brain
    • CAS PS 231 Physiological Psychology
    • CAS PS 101 General Psychology

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