• Area of Study Biology

Where are you from?

I am from Illinois.

What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

Throughout college I have been involved with Alpha Phi Omega, the Learning Assistant Program, and BU Student Government. I have also been a part of several CSC [Community Service Center] programs such as the Student Food Rescue, Project Hope, and the First Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP).

What’s your favorite BU Biology memory?

My favorite BU biology memory is being an LA [Learning Assistant] for BI 107. Interacting with students and helping them with the course material was very rewarding. I also got to learn biology through the lens of a teacher which was exciting!

What’s your favorite Biology course & why?

My favorite BU biology course was Cell Biology because I learned so much and it really challenged me.

How did you get your research position?

I got my research position at Beth Israel by emailing lots of professors, both at BU and Harvard, and finally found a lab that was working in a field that I am interested in entering in the future.

What kind of research do you do/have you done?

I have done basic science research at Beth Israel studying the bacteria C. difficile and experimenting with novel treatments to counter the symptoms of the bacteria instead of using broad spectrum antibiotics. I have also done clinical research at the University of Iowa Medical School regarding an alcohol relapse study in liver transplant patients.

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am going to get my Master’s in Public Health, and then apply to medical school.

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