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Research and Teaching Positions Available in the Biology Department

Postdoctoral Associate/Lecturer

Senior Research Technician, Bhatnagar Lab

Senior Research Technician, Chen Lab

The Gardner/Otchy Lab in the Department of Biology is recruiting up to three new research technicians to begin immediately. Research in our lab has two main aims:

First, we are interested in understanding how sensorimotor learning is implemented by populations of neurons and their connections. To this end, our lab performs a variety of experiments in songbirds probing, manipulating, and modeling the neural circuits involved in song learning and production. These experiments reveal how motor skills are represented in different parts of the brain, and how these representations are modified as a function of learning.

Second, we aim to develop new devices and techniques that allow for precise recording and manipulating neural activity in the central and peripheral nervous system. Recent advances in precision fabrication techniques have allowed the development of micro-scale, ultra-light devices suitable for chronic experiments including: motorized microdrives, ultra-microelectrode arrays, implantable microscopes, and nanoscale nerve cuffs.

Interested in joining us? See our open job listings below or contact Dr. Otchy at totchy@bu.edu. Applicants with backgrounds in biology, physics, engineering, or computer science are encouraged to apply.

Senior Research Technician, Gardner Lab

Student Positions Available in the Biology Department

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