Davies Lab Outreach and Publication

Assistant Professor Sarah Davies and the Davies Lab have been busy recently! Dr. Davies was an invited kickoff speaker for the Boston SET (Science Engineering and Technology) in the City. Davies discussed how she became a marine biologist and offered advice to a diverse group of high school students. Additionally, More

Professor McCall Receives Two NIH Grants

Department Chair Prof. Kim McCall recently received two NIH grants (totaling over $2.7 million) to support her laboratory’s research on cell death and cell clearance. One of the grants is entitled “The coordination of cell death and corpse clearance” and is a 5-year “Maximizing Investigator Research Award” from the... More

Professor Katya Ravid Named Fellow and President of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences

Katya Ravid, DSc, founding director of the Boston University Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Office and the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research, has been named a fellow and new president of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences (MAS). Ravid, a professor of medicine and biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and... More