BU Biology Department Postdoctoral Associate John Majoris has been awarded the inaugural Oboh-Weilke Postdoctoral Travel Award. This award has been started by BU Biology Alumna Dr. Aruoriwo Oboh-Weilke (CAS ’93) to support Postdoctoral Associates. Dr. Majoris, a postdoc in the Buston Lab, has been instrumental in the success of the Buston Lab’s research in Belize. The Oboh-Weilke Postdoctoral Travel Award is granted to one Biology Department member in order to support travel and research opportunities for high-achieving Postdoctoral Associates. Majoris will be presenting Differential persistence favors habitat preferences that determine the distribution of a reef fish at the 42nd Annual Larval Fish Conference in Victoria, British Columbia in June 2018. Congratulations to Dr. Majoris on this accomplishment!