mansfield-kPh.D. candidate Katelyn Mansfield of the Gilmore Lab was the recipient of the Terner award for 2018. Kate is studying the symbiosis between cnidarians (i.e., corals and sea anemones) and their intracellular algal symbionts (Symbiodinium). Kate studies the role of host innate immunity during the establishment and maintenance of this ecologically important mutualism and during cnidarian bleaching, a process by which symbiosis is disrupted due to environmental disturbances such as ocean temperature warming.

This award provides support for a CM or MCBB Ph.D. candidate who has made significant contributions to their field. Charles Terner was a Professor of Biology at Boston University for over 20 years before he retired in 1985. Dr. Terner specialized in biochemistry and focused his research on the metabolic properties of male reproductive cells. The award was established in his memory after he passed away in 1998.