BU Biology Professor Andrew Emili has been awarded a Hariri Institute Research Incubation Award for his proposal entitled “Traveling Back to the Future: Using Network Science to Unravel Evolutionary Conserved RNA Binding Proteins and Complexes associated with Disease”. The goal of the Hariri Institute Research Incubation Awards Program is to support a portfolio of embryonic-stage research projects with significant potential to cultivate new collaborations, and to enable follow-on extramural funding in the near future. These goals are highly aligned with the Institute’s mission as an incubator which is set up to initiate, catalyze, and propel transformative computational and data-driven research across the landscape of academic disciplines at BU. Dr. Emili’s proposal garnered significant interest from the Hariri Institute Steering Committee for its potential to meaningfully and materially connect the new CNSB lab on the medical campus to our computational biology faculty in bioinformatics and computer science on the Charles River Campus.

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